Balancing your Priorities

So I was going to stick this ‘Balancing your Priorities and De-stress – 5 ways’ link up on Facebook as part of my New Year Navel Gazing and then the more I reread, it the more I realised it didn’t really work if you had kids, so, as is my want, I have had a mess about and here is the adapted version:
1. Schedule time to do nothing with your kids every day (Please note, this is different to No. 5 which is an activity, this is basically hanging-out), reading a book, cuddles, You’ve been Framed on the sofa, colouring is possibly one of the most therapeutic activities if you’ve had a stressful day (Seriously, not just me, google it and you get actual adult colouring books). Otherwise you can easily get to friday and discover your main interactions with your family have been purely functional.

2. Feel yourself starting to loose it as your baby has just done massive poo seconds before you’re about to walk out the door and then while you’re changing their nappy your darling Toddler decides she’s fed up of wearing outdoor clothes and wants to be naked RIGHT NOW.

Stop, Breathe in 10 times through your nose and out your mouth. It physically calms your body and will also demonstrate a very effective coping mechanism to your children. Win – Win.

3. Stop stressing so much about the housework/state of the house. Beyond basic hygiene requirements it really, really doesn’t matter.Remember all those lists of top regrets in life? Hoovering and dusting never appeared on them. Not once. I checked. What tops virtually everyone is spending time with your family and friends, so do it.

4. This one I totally agree with “Kick out Perfection”. In every aspect of your life, including parenting. You will not get everything right, so do what feels right and if you fuck up put your hands up and admit to it, your kids will hopefully be gracious when accepting your apology for yelling unnecessarily but I can’t guarantee it, then move on.

5. Pick a fun activity everyday to do with your kids, this doesn’t have to be long, it could be a walk in the park, puzzle or rearranging fridge-magnets, it doesn’t really matter, but what is important is that you give your full attention. Phone off, stop thinking about the to-do list, just ‘be in the moment’.

TIP: If this is something you find hard to do at home go to a class or drop-in, nothing focuses the mind quite like having paid the privilege of £5 to collage in a kids art class. And in all seriousness baby yoga (ie yoga for the baby not for you) and baby massage are great.


And Lastly when you have days when you can’t manage even one of the 5 things to ‘Prioritise and De-stress’ refer to number 4, pour yourself a glass of wine and sack off the washing up til tomorrow.

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  1. Shirley

    Hi Caroline;
    Thanks for the link to my post. As a parent to two school aged kids, the focus wasn’t on the family, but on giving the individual (and this case the parent) an oxygen mask to de-stress. I like your spin on this. Happy blogging!

    1. Caroline Barrett (Post author)

      I absolutely realized that Shirley and thank you for your graciousness in allowing me to springboard off your post!


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