Breaking out of Carb based boredom

Other than it being generally a good idea from a nutrition point of view to vary your carbs (the more variation the better range of nutrients you’re likely to be getting)  it’ll also stop you getting bored and then seeking satisfaction in junk.

Along the lines of  ‘ok, had bread for lunch, I’ll have rice tonight and pasta tomorrow’.


spelt,black rice,red and white quinoa and vermicelli noodles.

Black rice,red and white quinoa, spelt and vermicelli noodles.

Alternatives to the usual bread, pasta, spuds:

  • Rice/crystal/vermicelli noodles
  • Spelt pasta (normally at the bottom of the shelf with the ‘normal stuff’) tastes the same as wholewheat.
  • Cous cous and bulgar wheat – these can be pretty much used interchangeably depending on which texture you prefer, the cous cous is finer.
  • If you find traditional rye too heavy keep your eye out for those producers who are mixing wheat and rye for something that doesn’t feel like you’re eating a brick.
  • Polenta can be made as a mash or alternatively leave it to set and then grill so it goes crispy on the outside. It can also be used to make cornbread if you can find a friendly American to give you a decent recipe.
  • Pearl barley or spelt can be added to risottos for a bit of texture or used as a stand alone carb both hot and cold.
  • Black, red or wild rice, although expensive, only takes a small amount to add interest and health benefits to your usual salad.
  • I’m going to include quinoa, although it sits on the fence a bit because it’s high in protein, one of the few veggy food which contains the entire selection of amino acids. Basically it is great, especially if you’re veggy/vegan or if you’re not into dairy. Perfect food for kids when they go off their milk, particularly teenage girls.


Be aware that a lot of the gluten-free products now out on the market have a much higher calorie content than their equivalent gluten product. The same is true of anything marked fat-free, generally to compensate for the lost flavour sugar is added. Unless you’re celiac, sugar is always worse for you than either fat or gluten.

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    Wow, this paragraph is good, my sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to tell her.


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