Random cooking stuff in the style of Pippa Middleton (i.e. potentially really obvious!)

  • When chopping beetroot, fresh tumeric, garlic or chilli, rub olive oil into your hands first and wash well with normal soap after you’re done, this stops the colour/smell/heat sticking.

Otherwise this can happen…..

Niamh after helping chop beetroot. This lasted a good 24 hours.

Niamh after helping chop beetroot. This lasted a good 24 hours. 

  • If your salad or green veg (I always do this with asparagus unless I’m eating it the same day I bought it) are looking a bit sad after sitting out or in the fridge too long, leave them in a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes or so to ‘refresh’.
  • Pans of water boil quicker with a lid on.
  • Cook potatoes and rice in cold water but pasta and gnocci need to go into boiling water.
  • If you’re using pasta cold, eg salad/lunchbox, rinse in cold water immediately after cooking and drizzle in oil to stop it sticking together.
  • Plunge boiled eggs into cold water immediately after they’re cooked as it makes them easier to peel.Prepping salmon
  • Bake fish  (and chicken breast for that matter) wrapped in foil, it keeps it moist and stops it smelling too much. White wine, fresh dill and lemon works brilliantly with most fish, either whole stuffed inside or placed ontop of the fillet.
  • A few drops of lemon juice will stop cut apples/pears/avocado turning brown.
  • A good pinch of bicarbonate of soda will keep green veg bright.
  • Crush garlic with the flat of the blade and then chop as it’s easier to get a finer texture
  • I have to admit I don’t know the science behind this but it was taught to me by a Michelin starred chef, so I trust it! Oil your steak rather than the pan and only turn your steak once, always leave it to stand for a couple of minutes before serving. To gauge how cooked it is press your cheek (rare), chin and forehead (well done). This is a really good summary on everything you need to know about cooking steak at home.


  • Sharp knives are safer as they’re less likely to slip.
  • Chilli and root ginger freeze really well. Ginger’s easy to grate from frozen.
  • If eggs float in water it means they’re probably off.

So hopefully you’ll find at least one of these cooking tips useful, if not I’m always up for hearing about stuff that makes life a little bit easier…..

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