Doula for Dad – 5 good reasons

Dad and BabiesA Dad asked me recently what was in it for him in hiring a Doula so here’s 5 good reasons you want a Doula for Dad:

  • It’s someone else to take a bit of pressure off you, pressure and stress to be the perfect birth partner, to know all there is to know about birth and babies so that when it’s all going off you can be the strong shoulder for your partner, to be the protector and provider at the same time as being caring and hands on father. Hell, sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else make you a cup of tea and say ‘go get half an hour kip’ I’ve got your back.
  • Peace of mind that in the first weeks of motherhood your partner is not going to be on her own for hours on end trying to adjust to the, sometimes challenging, role of motherhood when you go back to work.
  • Sometimes women aren’t good at asking for help. Especially about something as intimate and private as feeding and looking after a baby, so having someone who can hold her hand and provide reassurance while she finds her path will make for a much happier partner for you to come home to.
  • A Doula is not your Mother or Mother-in-law. Who of course can often be wonderful, but can also occasionally come with their own challenges. A Doula will also leave at the end of the day rather than staying for 2 weeks.
  • Having an extra pair of hands and someone who has a whole wealth of experience, information and contacts at her finger tips will help give you and your new family the best possible start, an effect which lasts for a lifetime.

Now there are a whole other bunch of reasons you want a Doula for Dad let alone why you want a Doula for Mum and Baby but I thought these were a pretty good place to start and if you’re interested in finding out a bit more about Doulas, plus which ones are available in your area, check out the Doula UK site.

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