Internet safety for kids

I for one, stuck internet safety in the list of “stuff I can deal with once they’re at least 10″.

I’m sorry to be the one to break-it to you but that’s WAY too late.


I have no idea how he made my camera phone do this…..

Kids are amazing at learning stuff, I swear at age 4 most kids can probably work your smart phone more efficiently than you can. That’s why you need to be aware of internet safety from early on, or you’ll be sipping your coffee chatting away and your tot who’s been quietly tapping comes out with “Mummyyyyy what’s that man doing?” and that my friend, is a can of worms you wan to keep firmly buried in the bottom of the garden.



Having said that before we even get to the stage of what your kids get up to online should we perhaps look at Mum and Dad? Remember the humiliation when your folks dragged out the family pics and anecdotes for your boyfriend when you were 16. Now imagine they were PERMANENTLY ON DISPLAY ALL THE TIME. Hideous right? That’s exactly what’s happening on Facebook.

That’s probably the easiest place to start, think before you post: how would I feel if this pic/story was about me when I’m 18?

If it’s family and friends who you want to keep up-to-date with baby’s progress, then think about password protected sites like those discussed here: Ask Jack. Your facebook friends will also thank you for not being a baby bore.

Probably the next likely issue to land on your plate is your kids randomly hitting search buttons and going to the nasty dark places of the internet. That’s where filters come in.

This is a pretty good summary on filters:

This has some other suggestions:

I specifically chose a broadband provider who had child safety filters as part of the package and these extend with wifi to include ipads and iphones.

I would also definitely recommend looking at the CEOP website, not only does it have info for carers there are cartoons that teach children internet safety in an age appropriate way.

Another broad resource for things internet linked plus other stuff is

This  site is supposed to be able to alter all your safety settings in one go, this sounds like voodoo but it’s on my to-do-list to try it out. I’d be very interested if anyone’s used it……

Finally for those of you who want a whole other level of control over what is online about you, check out these:


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