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Computer kiddyThere is so much stuff on the internet it makes my brain go a bit mushy thinking about it and even in the child appropriate bits there is A LOT of rubbish. Kids websites especially seem to be bright colours and no content attempting to sell something.

So here are a few kids websites that have something really positive to offer either with ideas, creativity or information. Some are directly for children to use and others are for you to do with.

Hope you find something lovely to share with your child in the list…..


Fascinating even to older kids and beautifully simple for little tots, essentially turning your keyboard into an image and sound generator which feels really creative.

Some inspiration for the garden or even a window box, that’ll get you and your child connected with nature.

Recommended by an Ecologist friend we used this for a Cubs project but this comprehensive pack is wonderful for anyone who has an interest in nature and mini-beasts which, in my experience, is any child over the age of 2. You don’t even need a pond but could cut and stick making and indoor pond-picture for the wall.

Some great ideas for stuff to do with your kids, invaluable for rainy weekends and Feb half term.

This was set up by the most optimistic person I have ever met. I have literally never seen the woman look anything other than smiley, and not in a sinister way either. I can also say that my kids did bookworm yoga with her and 100% loved it. The links through the featured titles sections shows you the yoga moves for book, all of which are positive, lovely stories.

This website has some great resources for teaching your kids about food, where it comes from, cooking etc, in story and games both online and off.

Perfect little snippets of video of all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures, which unlike Youtube won’t throw up any weird or inappropriate clips. Because they’re short you don’t have the pain of having to stop a video part way through and the inevitable tantrum, when you want need to do something else.

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