Pimp my Miso – Miso recipe

I Love Miso Soup, I buy it as a paste and it patiently sits in my fridge ready to come to my culinary rescue like a caped crusader. OK, maybe that’s a little over the top, but it is incredibly easy, tasty and nutritious.

These are some of the things I like to pimp my miso with, mainly because they either have a long life in the fridge (shallots, garlic), you can successfully freeze them (lemongrass, ginger), they come from the cupboard (tofu, noodles), they’re a staple so can be generally found loitering in the fridge (tomatoes).

This list isn’t exhaustive it’s just what I have found on those days when there’s bugger-all else in the house…..

Miso, additional ingredients

  • shallots, garlic, fresh chopped tomatoes, noodles, coriander seed
  • shallots, garlic, buckwheat, peppers, spring onion, coriander leaf
  • ginger, lemongrass, tempeh or tofu
  • Ginger, wood-ear mushrooms (these can be bought dried online and need to be soaked before using), dates
  • Fresh chilli, rice of any description, lentils
  • shallots, chilli, seaweed (you can even shred the nori sheets that are used for sushi and can be found in most supermarkets), spring onions
  • Garlic, ginger, shredded chicken (A small bit goes a remarkably long way so even the scraps from last nights roast chicken will do wonders), orzo (mini pasta), fresh parsley

A good basic method is to gently saute the onions/garlic/ginger/chilli, then water [adding buckwheat/rice here] and bring up to heat [adding noodles here], stir in your miso paste and then add the fresh greens at the last minute.

PS If you precook the base veg (garlic, ginger etc), then cook and drain your carbs separately, this can totally be done the night before when you’re already in the kitchen doing stuff and it literally takes minutes. Pop everything together in a tub/large jar along with the miso paste and then simply add hot water when you’re out for healthy fresh and interesting lunchtime alternative to salad or sandwiches and the options for miso recipe are endless…..

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