Pad Thai Recipe

So this was going to be part of a longer post but I keep getting nagged for this Pad Thai recipe so here goes:

Coriander, peanuts and spring onionsThis is adapted from the extremely talented Thomasina Miers Pad Thai recipe it’s easy and has been met with nothing but enthusiasm from everyone I’ve made it for.

Dressing (These just mix together so can be made before hand and left it in the fridge which speeds things up even more)

3tbsp Fish Sauce (No it won’t taste fishy I promise)

1tbsp tamarind paste

2tbsp lime juice (approx 1 lime)

2 tbsp brown sugar

Everything Else

3 shallots

4 garlic cloves

Fresh chilli (as much as you like I went for 1/2 de-seeded)

150g bean sprouts (approx 1 bag)

100g unsalted peanuts

2 eggs

coriander (I like it and typically use at least a small packet approx 30g or 1/2 a big 100g pack)

1 carrot (slice into matchsticks, you’re aiming for the same size as the beansprouts)

2 Spring onions

Noodles, I have used soba, vemicelli and plain old wheat noodles, all of which work fine so pick your fav (mines the soba)

1 chicken breast (chopped into small pieces)/hand-full of prawns/baked tofu or don’t bother.

1. Toast peanuts in a dry pan or wok and then crush in a pestal and mortar or food processor, you’re after texture not powder.

2. In a big bowl throw your beansprouts, chopped spring onions and chopped coriander.

3. Place a pan of water onto heat and add noodles once boiling, cooking for a minute less than the packet says.

4. Get a large pan or wok hot, add a dash of oil (I use sesame) and then fry shallots, garlic and chilli (add them in that order and give a 10 second stir between each) if you’re using chicken add now (make sure it is cooked all the way through before proceeding) and then carrots.

4.  Add noodles and peanuts and make a well into which pour the whisked egg. Stir and keep moving until cooked egg has evenlyish coated all the ingredients.

5. Bring everything together in your big bowl, stirring in the dressing thoroughly. Serve immediately. This dish is never going to be piping hot but serving onto hot plates does help. Have remainder of chopped chilli and some lime wedges on the table for people to add to taste.


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