Party food without the unwelcome guests

It’s really difficult to do special food for a party or even a treat without getting sucked into serving sugary , salt and chemical laden foods.

Fairy Fizz

In a jug mix ½ Sparkling water, ½ juice (a dash of an bright colour like pomegranate juice is always good) and a couple of pinches of edible glitter.

If you’re feeling especially energetic my kids get inordinately excited about ice cubes with either a raspberry or blueberry frozen in the middle

Veggy jellies

I have to admit I prefer these to the traditional gelatin as the idea of animal in my pudding grosses me out.

Mix agar flakes (this comes from seaweed and can be found in health food shops if your supermarket doesn’t stock it) with a clear juice of your choice as per the instructions on the pack. Once the mixture starts to cool stir in finely chopped fruit.

80’s ClassicHegehog

Sometimes the old ones are the best and I think in the case of cheese and pineapple on a stick this is totally true. If you’re feeling particularly retro and creative you can serve the cocktail sticks stuck in half a grapefruit then pop on a glace cherry nose sand eyes so it looks like a hedgehog.


Easy slices

Cut a standard shop-bought, pre-rolled, slice of puff pastry into squares and cover with veg (either finely cut strips or for carrots and corgettes use a peeler down the length to create ribbons), fresh herbs and cheese, for kids I tend to stick to mozzerella and for adults feta is really nice. A fine drizzle of olive oil and a twist of black pepper and bake for approx 15-20 min on a sheet of parchment paper at 180’C.


I would always recommend crudite and humous/guacamole, it’s an easy, healthy snack for kids and adults alike to pick on. I would suggest however you do a few, small dipping pots spread about as there’s always someone who wants to sit with the entire tub to themselves (usually the really snotty dribbly toddler…)Popcorn

Popcorn is brilliant for kids, I am of course assuming you aren’t dousing it with salt or sugar (check out the recipe for grown-up popcorn). Bits will get all over the floor, however, unlike a lot of party food it won’t get mashed into your carpet and hoovers up like a dream (unlike cake!!)

Always leave a jug of water and some cups on the side as kids tend top drink any juice boxes immediately and then get a raging post cake thirst later on.

A bowl of grapes are another good picky food, they’ll sit on the side without going brown/slimy, are generally cheaper and less likely to get mashed into and stain soft furnishings or you.

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