Recipe Fail and their alternatives.

So what makes a recipe fail in my house? If it’s too bloody complicated, if the kids refuse to eat it but it’s not nice enough to want to eat on those rare ‘grown-up only’ meals or just simply didn’t score on the effort to taste ratio.

FYI Quince is absolutely delicious mixed with apple in crumble.

DSCF0382 tomato tatin

  • Carrot and Leek Tarte Tatin from the Times the kids hated this and I was disappointed, although the balsamic reduction was lovely and went on a number of different things for the week after.

For a painfully easy savoury tatin place a layer of tomatoes in the bottom of a dish with herbs and or pesto, a drizzle of oil and balsamic vinegar then stick shop bought puff pastry ontop and bake.

  • Speaking of things the kids hated: Carrot and Barley Galette I actually liked the rough texture but my little-ones didn’t at all, even with the mild flavour, and considering it requires overnight resting (There’s no way 1 hour was long enough), it’s fiddly to fry and needs some pimping of the flavours, I’m not sure I can be bothered when there are so many other decent veggy recipes out there.



  • I love Lychees. I Love wine, especially if it’s bubbly. So, in theory a Lychee Bellini would be the perfect union of these two things in an explosion of fabulousness.

Sadly not. The volume of lychees you need to peel to get a decent volume of pulp is both dull and extremely expensive.  The flavour is nice but the lychees are so delicately flavoured they get washed out by the presecco/champagne.

Entirely not worth the effort/expense/permanently ruined sieve.

Try St Germain, it’s a French elderflower liquer and it’s delicious with fizz.



  • Adai Essentially a pancake made from soaking lentils and brown rice overnight (not cooking), adding some spices then frying it.

I was helping with food for 2 guys doing a 24 hour canoe marathon  and wanted to offer them something high protein, high carb post race that wasn’t sweet as they were having to hammer back the sugary stuff during the event for calories. If I’m honest they’d have probably eaten anything I gave them by the time they crossed the finish line, so I did try it out before hand.

These were terrible cold, if you smothered them in chutney as they came out the pan they were OK and I’d imagine the same could be said if you had them with a curry but tbh there are far funner ways to carb up a curry than adai…..

    ……. like Naan bread.

Sweet Potato and chipolte soup


  • Saffron Yellow Pepper Soup This comes with the type of beautiful blog picks that are works of art and highlight for the the difference between my ‘attempt to get something that looks vaguely edible and representative of the thing I’m talking about’ V. actual photography. In this case the recipe didn’t live up to the pic, watery and tasteless.

Check out this post I did on Soup for some recipes which are easy and taste awesome.

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