10 ways to help you keep your s*@$t together and stay happy over Christmas.


These are some ideas to help you and your family stay happy over Christmas……

  1. Feed your under 5′s meals at their usual time and give them xmas dinner as a ‘bonus’ over 5′s can get away with a healthy snack at their normal mealtimes then eat with the adults (think 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich or humus and some veg) otherwise they will likely fill up on rubbish and then oscillate from blood-sugar highs to lows and this will make you all miserable.
  2. Divide jobs between family members (your prime job being to ensure your baby is fed if you have one), even under 5′s and elderly relatives can do stuff like laying the table or stirring the gravy a) it makes everyone feel involved and b) stops one or two from feeling stressed and resentful at doing everything.
  3. Spread out present opening, most kids can’t cope with a present binge and having something to open boxing day can be a really lovely for everyone.
  4. Try and get everyone out the house, kids especially even if its just the garden.
  5. Make sure you have loads of spare batteries, a pair of scissors and a mini screwdriver to hand when opening kids gifts. I know this sounds ridiculous but I guarantee you don’t want to be riffling through the bags of rubbish looking for the teeny tiny battery cover that your tot dropped while trying to get the damn thing working. PS the packing on kids toys takes an advanced level degree in engineering to get into.
  6. Prep your veg the night before, all your root veg (spuds, carrots etc) and brassicas (sprouts, cabbage, broccoli) will quite happily sit covered in cold water overnight.
  7. Make sure you drink plenty of water, it’s easy to forget when you’re running around so alternating with whatever alcoholic beverage you’re knocking back is a good way of ensuring you have enough. It’ll help your body process all the food and booze and will generally make you feel better both on xmas day and boxing day.
  8. Make sure you have a stash of painkillers and indigestion tablets.
  9. Having a nice virgin cocktail recipe for the pregnant/breastfeeding among the family can really improve their enjoyment of the day when watching everyone else knock back the wine.

10. Try and remember Christmas day is supposed to be enjoyable. The bit that you and your children will remember is having fun being with your family, not whether the veg was slightly overdone or the snacks burnt. So when you feel yourself starting to freak out, take a deep breath, count to 10 and ask for help.

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