The Weird and the Wonderful, delicious food combinations.

Salt-caramel popcorn – I went to visit a girlfriend and we grabbed a standard cheap cornershop bag of salted popcorn to watch with a movie when we got home. She then performed what can only be described as a culinary miracle. Butter and sugar in a large pan, stir and heat until it starts to caramelize and go that gorgeous golden colour, and then mix in the popcorn. Do be careful not to burn yourself in eagerness we are talking molten sugar which is the temperature equivalent of lava but it is the most delicious, insanely moreish snack ever.

Marmite and Peanut butter

Peanut butter and marmite – a friend taught this to my son, and although originally highly sceptical, I can report this is totally delicious, perfect for when you’ve got that craving for something really savoury but don’t want to gorge on a family sized bag of crisps. By combining a bit of protein with the carbs you also deliver a filling energy hit that you won’t crash from, ideal for kids and grown-ups alike.


Strawberries and balsamic vinegar – Slightly jars mentally, but really works. Caperberries


Strawberries and caperberries – This works for the same reasons as balsamic but caperberries also have the novelty factor for a lot of people and they’re a little gentler than straight capers.





Chicken and banana – This dish came to me from some Dutch friends who believe it originated in Kenya. I traditionally hate meat and fruit as a combo on principle but this is really, really delicious.

Chicken and Banana:

- 1 kg chicken fillet

- 1/4 litre whipped cream

- 1/2 bottle tomato ketchup

- garam masala

- mustard

- 4 bananas

- grated cheese (mature)

Coat chicken fillets in mustard and sear in a hot pan.

Grease a casserole with with butter and alternate the chicken fillets with large pieces of banana. I aim for to cut the banana lengthways and to the approx same size as the fillets.

Mix the beaten whipped cream with the tomato ketchup and add about 3 table spoons of garam masala. You can also add salt and pepper or sweet chill sauce if you like.

Cover the chicken and banana with the sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese.

Put in oven at 180′C for about 30 mins.

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